Curve.PointAtDistance With Lists

Hello All,

I am trying to array points down a curve. I have a list of of curves and an equally as long list with lists of distances. How can I get Curve.PointAtDistance to use all the distances in the list for each curve rather than just the first one. If I pullout just one curve and one set of distances it works.

I have tried List.Combined and Chopping the lists of curves to match the Distances but nothing seems to be working.

I have attached an Image and the .dyn / .rvt (in Dynamo it is the furthest right nodes)

<a class=“attachment”

Frit Pattern_Dot.dyn (28.6 KB)

Frit Pattern.rvt (1.2 MB)

Curve.PointAtSegmentLength should work for you

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Thank you Vikram,

I am not seeing that node Is it in a package that I do not have?

Looks like the name was change in 1.0. I will Try and find the IT guy to update me.