Points on a curves with an evolutive distance

Hello to you,

I am a beginner on dynamo and I would like to create points on a curve with an evolutionary distance without having to divide in percentage the length of my curve and manage the evolutionary scale.

Do you have a lead to help me?

Thank you

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Hi Max,
I’m sure there are more elegant solutions than mine, but it seems to work in general:

Basic idea is to add 1, to have a bigger number than one, and then use an exponential function, to increase the value for later elements of the starting list.


This is just an equation. If you can define the evolution then you can define the equation. You should be able to do it all in design script, but if you’re unfamiliar you can definitely do it with nodes like Michael has shown.

Thank you very much !! i try that this night

I am trying to achieve similar here, but have the points be hosted on a line instead.

Exponential Gradience of Points