Help me to set points on a selected curve?


Hi, i have a curve and i want to set points on this curve with a uniform distance. Is there anyone can help me solve this problem? dynamo 1



You can use XYZ Array Along Curve which will creates number of Points given as an input for Count.

If you have not used 0.7 version of Dynamo then I would suggest you to use that, there are many new functionality added in that release.

Happy to help, keep posting!

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What Ritesh suggested is true. However please consider that if you want to get points with uniform distance, you should use the “Equal distance XYZs on curve” node. The Array one does equal chord lengths if I am not mistaken.


Thank you very much Ritesh Chandawar. I have done it.


Thank you Dimitar Venkov. :slight_smile:dynamo 2


So i have a question. When i use the node Select curve or Select Model Element, i can only pick one spline or polyline or line. But if i have a shape which is a sum of polylines or lines, how can we select all of them?


I’m not sure what’s the best method. You can lace curves into a curve loop or a curve array but i don’t think you can divide those. Alternatively, you could try something like this:





Keep in mind that this method doesn’t give you 100% accuracy because the nurbs spline is just an approximation. You can increase the accuracy with the first number until you get satisfying results.


As Dimitar mentioned, you can use “Select Elements” node for selecting multiple geometries at once.

See attached image, I have selected three curves.

Hope this will help to solve your problem.

Do let me know if you need more clarification.





oh thank you very much for helping me alot.



Hi im working on dynamo 8.1 version and i want to create a random distance between points in a spline just like you did it in your image.

I notice that one of the main scrpits is the xyz array on curve but it seems this particular function is gone i assume it might be cause theres another way to did it with the curve and the 50 points that you add


Any ideas thanks


how to use node "Equal distance XYZs on curve” node on Dynamo 0.8, i can not find that node


Use Curve.PointAtParameter instead

Below is an example with 20 equidistant points on a curve



Thanks Vikram Subbaiah for reply. But i has problem with this node. You see the picture below, the curve has no divide with equidistant, The cuvre i make from picked surface of the project Please give me advise !!



Difficult to understand your problem. Share your file, if you can.

However, the graphics can sometimes mislead as the background preview is in perspective.



This is my file, can you check it for me Vikram Subbaiah ??




Point at Parameter doesn't seem to be dividing the polycurve properly.

You could probably use a work around as in this file.