Script to create points on curves

Hi all,
Just wrote this Dynamo Player script lately, and already wanted to share it with you, before it will get released with some future version of Alias. It allows you to create points on curves, surface edges and Curves on Surfaces. Either by distributing a wanted amount along the curve, or by keeping a defined distance:
DP-Points-on-Curves.dyn (118.4 KB)
You can use it to first create the points for defined positions along a curve:

And then use those points, e.g. to place objects there, and fillet the base surface at those positions:

The script (not completely polished yet) I used for the last image was this one:
DP-Create-Filleted-Holes-and-Place-Objects.dyn (143.1 KB)
Feel free to comment or ask questions, if you have any.