Pointbycoordinate and find out located on which element

hi everyone. i’m just start with autodesk dynamo and i want to know is there any way to use point by coordinate and give 3 x,y,z and find out this coordinate is in which element. for example (100,2,3) located in wall by id no. 2012/b?
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try this

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sorry can you explain more about this code. this seems select one category and one point and i don’t understand rest of that, thank you

it’s quite simpel, it takes al the walls and does a geometry intersect with the point after that the result will be true or false. the way to get your elements back is by filter them.

First you collect all the elements that you wish to inspect based on categories ( walls doors windows etc…) and use element solids to convert those elements into solids in the Dynamo environment.
then Geometry DoesIntersect to check if all of the elements you wish are intersecting with the point you provided ( or with any other different geometry )
Filter by bool mask filters any given list based on (true/false) values which in this case are the results of the Does intersect node.

Please go through the dynamo Primer & the dictionary for a better idea.
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