PointAnalysisDisplay.ByViewPointsAndValues node not recognising area plans


Is there a reason that the dynamo node “PointAnalysisDisplay.ByViewPointsAndValues” does not output to an Area Plan view in Revit. The node operation fails in this case and when the view is changed to a structural plan view the node works without issue.

@markmctighe Unfortunately, the Analysis Display only functions in 3D views. This is a limitation of Revit in my understanding.

@Avz It works fine with a structural plan view. When the area plan views are generated the view appear under the “???” tab

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It stumbled upon the same issue. I remember diving into the code at github and for some reason, area plans were not accepted.

It happens the same when trying to “bake” curves into detail lines on an area plan.

It might worth to raise an issue on GitHub

@alvpickmans I’ve just posted to the GitHub. I’ll post to this thread if the issue gets resolved