Face analysis display by View face points and values node bug?

Hi all, I’m using Ladybug nodes to analyse sunlight hours on surfaces in my Revit model. I’m using the following node to bring the analysis results back into revit to display in a 3D view (Sunlight Hours). I keep getting the following error: Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of ByViewFacePointsAndValues that takes arguments of type (Revit.Elements.Views.AxonometricView,__array,__array,__array,string,string,System.Type) Does anyone know how to ammend/get around this?

I’ve done the same with the “PointAnalysisDisplay.ByViewPointsAndValues” node and it works fine.

First try changing the lacing to Longest.

If that doesn’t work try using List.Map or List.Combine

Thanks for your reply Vikram. It seems the node is getting hung up by the “View” input.

The input lists are both the same size and both flatenned.

the sample points, however; are offset from the face surface by 0.1. Could that be an issue?

I’m sorry, I’m still relatively new to Dynamo. I figured out why it wasn’t working. “Sample locations” input was expecting uv values, not xyz coordinates. I’m still having trouble with it though. I’m trying to export analysis of two surfaces as a test and it says it is but in Revit it’s only showing the last surface in the sequence.



Hi Alexis! Can you share a simplified example. It looks like to be an issue with data matching. -Mostapha

Just a quick update: I tested both <em style=“font-weight: 300;”>ByViewPointsAndValues and <em style=“font-weight: 300;”>ByViewFacePointsAndValues and they both work fine in Dynamo however I can’t see them in Revit view. I think I’m missing something inside Revit but the process in Dynamo seems to be working.

Hey Mostapha, sorry for delay, there’s a bit of a time difference here in oz :slight_smile:

i think the problem is that Revit expects one output from the node, but it’s outputting a list (one item per surface) Therefore every item is being overridden and only the last one shows in Revit.

In Revit you need to have an analysis display style set up. (Revit->manage->additional settings->analysis display styles)

in the Revit 3D view->properties window->default analysis style-> select the style you set up.

Either im organising the input lists wrong or the node isn’t able to process more than one surface .

The FaceAnalysisbyViewSurfaceData takes a “data” input but I can’t find a node that returns a data object.

Have you had any luck? im trying to put together a simplified example to show you in the meantime.


Hey Mostapha,

Here’s a simplified example, simulating a test of 2 surfaces. Notice how only the second surface shows in Revit.


Dynamo 0.9.2 file: surface_test

Hi Alexis,

I can replicate your issues on both 0.92 and the 1.0 dailies. As you can see from the below graph, both analyses are created in Dynamo but only the last one is sent over to Revit:

Mapping the surface analysis with a list combine node has no effect on the outcome. Shifting the lists of surfaces and results changes the outcome in Revit (thus hinting that only the last face analysis transfers over). This looks very much like a bug and I suggest you report it here:


Thanks for checking Dimitar, it’s reassuring to know i haven’t been making rookie mistake. I’ve logged an issue on github. If you or anyone else wants to follow it’s at

: https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/issues/6454




I can recreate the issue too. I tried different data structures and couldn’t find any workarounds. :expressionless:

Hello, I have got a similar problem. I want to have my legend scale in revit about my path ways, colored with red and green depending on the distance to the exit.
I took my lines and my exit door from revit, analysed the line distances from the door and now want to create a scale legend with Analysis Display Style with the node PointAnalysisDisplay.ByViewPointsAndValues.
Now I get two warnings, at the code block at first: Warning: Converting an array to var would cause array rank reduction and is not permitted
Null value cannot be cast to Double

does maybe anybody know this warning and can help?

thanks in advance.