Point list in sequence


Could anyone advise how to make the points in sequence so that closed curve can be drawn.?
Thank you so much.



Hi @thethtarzaw

Could you show us preview for "PolyCurve.ByPoints" node.



There isn’t necessarily a standard way to do this. depends on specific conditions.

Looking at your image, seems like you have two rows/columns of points.
You could try sorting them by their X coordinate values (round off the value to ignore minor variations) and then the Y coordinates (or vice versa)

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There have been several discussions on the forum regarding sorting of points based on location.

Have a look and have a go. :wink: If you do crack it, please remember to post your solution to aid others.



Ok, feeling generous. :grinning:
Should solve your problem @thethtarzaw

Part of an upcoming package.

Node Description:
Takes a list of unsorted points and orders them (clockwise/anti-clockwise around a centroid) to create a Perimeter. Useful for Polycurves and Surfaces.

Sort points as Perimeter

Sastrugi - Sort Points as Perimeter.dyf (10.5 KB)


Create a solid extrusion from a polyline self-intersecting errors

It would be a good exercise to try to solve your own issue with some support from the forum, especially since there are already other related discussions such as this one:

I can not wait to see information about your upcoming package posted in the Share category :slight_smile:

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It’s cool!.
Thank you for the node and it comes in handy.
Awaiting your full package…

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@Yna_Db Thanks for sharing.:+1:
I will take note on this.