Sequential Numbering of Revit Elements

the task is to assign sequential numbers to a number of fire dampers, starting from the upper left damper. Some dampers are located one below other.
Is there a method to do this without exporting coordinates to excel , sorting f.e. by X coordinate and assigning numbers manually? Or If I want to number them clockwise, could you suggest any algorithm etc?

000000.pdf (40.7 KB)

I don’t know what that PDF is supposed to show as everything is too small. It sounds like you want to use some combination of Element.SetParameterByName to set the values and Element.Location to determine where they are. Then there would be some logic behind sorting their location and the tags you would give them.

That said, this is a pretty open ended question. Please post a better pdf, some of the work you’ve tried in Dynamo and some of the logic you are trying.


I had a requirement to be able to sequentially re-mark my precast concrete wall elements based on their location.
I also had calls to use this script on Door and Window elements. It allows you to specify the prefix for the mark (P for panels, D for Doors, W for Windows) then the number to start amending from as the suffix (start at 0 or 45 or something else) and then which direction (vector) to sequence elements in (N/S S/N E/W W/E) This is a Dynamo player script, and has been written to have no dependencies. It might give you some idea of where to start and then you can start sorting with your Z axis requirements also. Hope this helps :smiley:

(DP1.2) Renumber Element Mark Values by Location.dyn (56.5 KB)

EDIT: Refer here for Spiral Sorting of Elements around a central point.

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Hey, first thx for sharing the script.
it works for me but only if i bypass the “Define prefix” .
any reason you might think it doesnt work for me ? (im tyring to renumber structural column)

see image

That is a strange error for that code. :thinking:
I have tried to replicate the issue with no success.
Are any other nodes erroring? Can you post the whole graph workspace to display?
Also, what version on Dynamo are you running this in?

Hey, thx for the answer.
Im using Dynamo , do i need any special package for it ?
Look at the nodes in the pic (only those 2 have yellow error mark)

No, you shouldn’t need any special packages.
Please post the dyn and a sample Revit file you are attempting this in. Just want to rule out environmental variables.

Here , attached , attached (DP1.2) Renumber Element Mark Values by Location.dyn (56.5 KB)