Point Cloud to Revit Model

Hello, everyone.

I am working with a point cloud data which has a lot of pipes. My goal is to convert the point cloud data into a Revit Model. The point cloud looks like this:

I was wondering if I would use dynamo to create a workflow that automates a few tasks for me. More specifically, I was hoping to get Revit Pipes if a portion of point cloud is selected manually. I have been looking into dynamo for a few days now, and I couldn’t come up with a proper solution. Till now, I have tried using sastrugi package to work this pointclouds. I started trying dynamo because of its compatibility with python, which is a familiar language to me.

Can anyone please point me towards the right direction to tackle this issue? Any suggestion would be helpful.

Hi @taukirazam
Did you attempt to create the workflows described in this post?

You will need to ensure that your creation views are showing the points in such a way as to be able to select points related to each pipe, so perhaps use a series of vertically stacked section boxes to work in different areas, creating vertical pipe sections and then using Revits routing tools to join things all together :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Ewan_Opie . I haven’t tried it yet, I will get back to this thread after trying the workflow used there. Thanks you so much for this help.