Coordinates Problem...again

Hi All,
I know this has been discussed many times but i still can’t find solution to my problem. Im currently reading points from excel to place family instances in revit, so tried graph below but both options is not working properly. Any ideas? i attached also files below for reference. Thanks in advance.

Revit File
Points.xls (12 KB)ExampleCAD.dwg (1.7 MB)

You need to have a list of levels that match the number of points like this.

thanks but unfortunately that doesn’t work in my case the points are too from where they should be

Your list length of the Level needs to match the list length of your points. This is what Count and List.Cycle do for you.

did’nt work i guess it something to do with coordinates system


please provide some more information like

  • how was the excel file created (points out of a DWG?)
  • are your families 2D or 3D, and what type or category
  • are you working with shared coordinates, project north rotation, or anything else thats messing up standard orthogonal coordinates or views
  1. the points are extracted from survey drawing using data extraction
  2. Families are 3D
  3. yes, working with shared coordinates, i attached also the cad file for reference…


try the following scenario

extract the points from your existing revit file from families you create with one point (furniture, doors whatever) and store those points in excel
now make new family instances from this excel file
see what happens
i guess that they will be off
somehow the coordinates system you are using (which is 0,0,0 in an new file and horizontal/vertical and the standard Dynamo uses) is shifted or rotated by this new shared coordinate system.
you need to transform the coordinates to the shift and rotation in your file so they match again.

Hi @Myr

Was a good challenge! As Marcel says, you need to transform the coordinate system to get this right:


awesome! many thanks @MartinSpence and @Marcel_Rijsmus

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No problem!

Mind you that if you want to use this method on projects that are rotated to true north, then you need to rotate the coordinate system aswell.
Take a look at @Daniel_Woodcock1’s description in post 3 in this thread, where he explains the proces. This might also clear up some confusion surrounding this topic :slight_smile: