Plotting origin point coordinates of imported DWGs

Hi all,
I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s possible to plot the origin point coordinates and rotation of the imported dwgs within my Revit file? (I’m trying to find a way to define their location in the model space and replace them with Revit families.)
Any help will be much appreciated!

Pulling the origin of the instance’s transform should do the trick. There is a node for this in the Archi-Lab package. Note that you need to feed it a list, so you may need to wrap things before sending it along.



You can obtain the DWG rotation with the Element GetRotation node.

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Thank you for the response!
I tried Transform Origin and below is the result I got after connecting it with a single dwg. Any idea why it returns 8 extra rows of info?

Also tried connecting it to the entire list of dwgs in the project - here the number of rows is correct (3 dwgs in total), however none of them return any coordinates

One last query- why have you inserted a Code Block between the two nodes in the example you’ve attached earlier, instead of directly attaching them together?

(I am quite new to Dynamo, sorry for any potentially daft questions (: )

I don’t have your data set so I can’t confirm why the node is behaving differently for you. My results worked without issue in multiple tests. It may be that you are gathering inputs in a way where things are getting selected which you wouldn’t expect, or where you are working with unloaded links, instances in an unplaced group, closed worksets, or other info.

The code block is putting the variable a which is an input inside square brackets, wrapping it in a list.

Thanks, I got the node to work!

Is it also possible to figure out whether a dwg import has been mirrored?