Origin Point Relevative to Revit Project (Dumb Question)

I have another dumb question: How can you control the origin point in Dynamo relative to the Revit Project? I thought this would be more self evident, but since I’m still young and dumb when using Dynamo I haven’t found the answer.

The scenario I’m working with is creating floors from a Rhino file that I have coordinate the origin between it and the Revit Project. The problem is that when I run the definition in Dynamo, this origin is apparently ignored and my elements are off in outer space. How can you tell Dynamo to instantiate elements in the desired location?

I apologize again for asking dumb questions!

Under the Clockwork Package, there is a node called “Document.ProjectPosition” that gets the location of the origin point in addition to the North Angle. You can get the distance between a point on the corner of the geometry you want to move and the origin point and use Geometry.Translate to move the geometry to the desired position. Let me know if that is unclear and I can post an example.

I would appreciate example… I think this is what I am struggling with