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I just started today with Dynamo for Civil in Revit I use it often. So I’m familiar with Dynamo an how to use it. But I had to two questions on the subject of object data.

  1. Is it possible to add object data to objects like polylines within Dynamo?
  2. Is it possible to edit the object data from a certain object like a polyline within Dynamo?

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@hugo.paalman If you mean Object Data deriving from a Map 3D object you can through Python.
If you mean Property Sets you can:

  1. Yes ,use one of the samples provided with Dynamo for Civil 3D related to Property Sets
  2. Yes either via Dynamo OOTB (if the properties are string values) or via one of the samples provided with Dynamo for Civil 3D for all the other types of data.

Yeah I ment the object data deriving from Map3D. Do you have any examples of this?

Sure, this one reads the Object Data and returns a dictionary. For writing you can figure it out.
ObjectData Table Map 3d.dyn (6.6 KB)


We’re still trying to find the solution but we can’t find much documentation on this subject. Do you have any documentation of the modules for us?

What is not clear from the sample I shared?

With the sample you shared we can read the data from the objectdata table. We want to fill the object data like what is possible in Revit with element.setparameterbyname node.

But we can’t any documentation what you used in the Python node.

Here is a example of the object data we want to fill:

We found the solution!

It was some work but we can now with a object list, value list and a object data name control the input of data into the object data.

For people that are interested I added the node down here.
SetGisParameter.dyn (3.3 KB)


Hi Hugo,

I tried to open the file, but i get a “Custom node definition is not loaded error”
Is it possible to share how you manage to make it work?

@hugo.paalman can you please share the node definition (DYF)

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Sorry havent been on the forums lately hereby the python script we use.

Object data node.dyn (17.0 KB)