Automatic placement of windows


I work on an project which should work like that: You create a layout of the house in Revit and export it in Dynamo. Then Dynamo should place as much windows as possible under special requirements.

My current status is that I import the layout in Dynamo. I also place windows only in my outer walls of the building which works fine.

The problem is can’t find a way to just select the internal wall because without this, Dynamo also places windows in the positions where the inner wall crosses the main wall so there is a wall in my window.
My second problem is that I can’t find a way to place as much windows as possible for the lenght of the wall with 1 meter distance between the windows and between the window and the corner.

It would be awesome if someone could help me.


To help we would all need to see a Dynamo graph, a sample Revit file, and an explaination of how you are determining window placement (though that may be apparent after getting the Dynamo file).



Not really the complete graph. Best to use the camera export (too right corner of the screen) next time.

Assuming the node offscreen is something like an all elements of category, you need to filter your walls to ensure you have only exterior walls selected. Then you need to select only the interior walls. Then intersect location curves of the interior walls with the location curves of the exterior walls, and split the exterior wall curves at the intersection points.

Once you have that you can get the points along the lines, flatten the list with longest lacing, and place windows on the hosts accordingly.