Sheets Generation with from views - View to big to put on sheet ( Scope box not updating? )

Hi All,

I’m currently using the Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews node to create sheets with views on it. However, I’m getting the following Error:

The current method on me generating the views is show below:

I basically create the levels for the listed floors, then apply a scale and scope to them. These view outputs are then fed into the sheet creation node.

This is what it looks like if I manually place it.


When I change the Scope box the Size in that error doesn’t change. however, when I change the Scale it does…To me it looks like it’s not registering the scope box is applied when creating the sheets for the views to be placed on.

Any Ideas would be appreciated.




If you cannot solve it, there is another method available


Thanks M.rijsmus! Unfortunately I’ve looked down that route. However for some reason the node keeps saying I’m creating sheets that has duplicate sheets numbers, when this isn’t the case. It does it 90% of the time. I even put it through a list.unique values and delete all sheets in the model it ran from.

I may need to revisit what you mentioned if I cant find a fix for this…

I have seen this behavior before if you run the graph a second time.
A close and restart of Dynamo mostly solves that one

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one…I wonder if its something that Dynamo 2.0 + is causing.

The script I’m developing is planned to be used by non-dynamo users so problems that need to be restarted, reopened etc, is not really going to work here :frowning:

May be a case where my standards have to drop a bit, in which case Il use that above method :slight_smile:

It could also be another thing
If you create a Titleblock, there are four lines in there which you cannot simply delete.
You can move them tho.
These lines will define the Sheet Width and Sheet Height parameters i believe.
So make sure those lines are the outer lines of your family.

I checked and its not true what i stated.
Sheet Width and Sheet Height are governed by the most outer lines anyway

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I didnt know that was a thing, I just done a quick test on a view created from the script and tried to it separately and it worked fine. Learnt something new, but afraid it didn’t fix it

When using the method exposed by @m.rijsmus, you might need to clear the inputs on each run.

I faced similar issues with this method and I often had to disconnect the very first node to empty my lists.

Despite being a little bit heavy for tests, the end users won’t have to deal with this if they use the dynamo player which basically reset all data on each run.

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@m.rijsmus @lkichenin Thanks for the help!

I’m attempting the solution you provided and it works well enough.

I was wondering, how you calculate the point in which to place it. I started of as 0,0,0 to get a reference but that ended up a million miles away? do you know where it come from.



Glad it worked for you,

I suggest you start another post for this new question. Also you can mark @m.rijsmus’s answer as solution.

This way it will be easier to get to the solution if someone else has the same problem.

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