Placing family instances over multiple levels


I’m trying to place a family instance by point and level over multiple levels. I have my points and I have my corresponding levels but I’m not sure how to wire up the the FamilyInstance.ByPointAndLevel node. Because I have two lists I don’t think the List.Map node will work. How can I achieve this?


Multiple levels

I think you’re looking for combine.

can you post a screen shot pls of how to use it

Not sure what your problem is Paul? It seems you have a list of points and a list of levels so if you wire these into the place family instance node they will take the first point and place it at the first level. I presume you want a different result though, so please explain.

The problem is that the family (a column) is being placed on multiple levels, not just level 0. The data trees (to use Grasshopper terminology) are the same, a list with 100 points, and a list with 100 levels on which it is to be placed. But I can’t work out how to wire it up so that point an index X is placed on level an index X. The issue is that I’m trying to use Grasshopper logic to process data in Dynamo. I figure I need to use but don’t understand how this works if I have two lists (points and levels) that feed into it.





Hi Paul

Like this, its really just map with a multiple inputs, the combinator, is the function we want to do with differing inputs, laced in some way.

sorry my bad. When I reopened the file, the family symbol node reset itself. That’s why I was getting null values. Dumb user error