FamilyInstance.ByCurve: no input for multiple levels?

Hello everyone,

Is it correct that the node FamilyInstance.ByCurve does not support input for multiple levels? I have a list of 29 curves, a list of 29 levels and one line based family type to be inserted. The node does work when I use one level as input, but not when I use the list of levels. If my assumption is correct, is there a quick fix or workaround?

Thank again!

First try changing the lacing.

If that doesn’t work try using List.Map or List.Combine

Hello Vikram,

Thank you for your suggesting. Lacing does not work. How would you go about using List.Map or List.Combine in my specific situation of inserting a family instance?

I have not been able to work this one out yet, any suggestions how to use List.Map or List.Combine in my case?