Creating a grid on existing plan & then exporting the coordinates


I am trying to create a grid over an existing plan and want to then export the coordinates of the grid (intersections points).

I have attached the picture of my plan over which the grid would be created.


Thanks in advance!

Could you share what you have put together up to this point? Or search thee forum for similar topics.
You’ll have much better luck getting help if you aren’t just asking people to do the work for you.

Thanks for replying.

I’m still new to Dynamo that’s why I keep facing issues.

I have visited the link which you have attached, I don’t understand how I can use that for my task. Could you please guide a bit?

Till now I have created a grid over the entire plan. I have searched numerous forums but haven’t found any help regarding how to export the intersection coordinates of the grid.

some topics can be help you

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