Placing Bitmap Image in Dynamo environment

Hi guys,

Do any of you have knowledge on how to place at BPM Image by point or projection to a specifik surface in the Dynamo environment?
I’ve created a sphere to show the placement of the point…

Thanks in advance!
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To do so inside the Dynamo environment, utilize the GeometryColor.BySurfaceColors (or Display.BySurfaceColors if you’re still on 1.x).

A more detailed example can be found in the primer, at the end of the page here.


@JacobSmall, thanks! just what i needed!
Do you also know how to center an image on a surface?

The image will be stretched from the 0,0 parameter to the 1,1 parameter.

Image sample resolution could help. A smaller image (decrease the sample size) won’t hit the corners (and a bigger one will expand past it). My first attempt at the graph above used a 72 pixel sample and I found it failed to fill stuff adequately so I jumped to 144.