Dyn Display.BySurfaceColors

Hi, I’m interested in this samples using dynamo (Here is the Link and picture).

Color | The Dynamo Primer (dynamobim.org)
It’s mainly about the color on the surface, like below.
Is there idea to achieve it?

GeometryColor.BySurfaceColors node does that quite well. The sample on the page you linked shows how to use it. Give it a shot and see what you learn, and where you get stuck.

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be aware to visualize you must turn off Geometry as visible!


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Yes, Dynamo provided an example of Nurbs surface with image pixels, like below. It’s very inspiring.

So I want to try color a surface with colorrange using the node GeometryColor.BySurfacecolors .
And maybe I get several data on the surface like the following picture.

Could you give me some suggestions on how I can color this surface with these data?

BuildingBlocks of Programs - ColorOnSurface.dyn (40.1 KB)

Ignore the image, and build a color range. This should show you how to use the ColorRange node: Dynamo Dictionary

The key is the list needs to be structured as a two dimensional list, so sort the values into Rows or Columns before you pass them into the ColorRange node.

From there you can pass the results onto the GeometryColor.BySurfaceColors node.

It’s very interesting!
I’ve tried to build a Color Range, and this surface has been created with gradient color.

I’m still a bit of confused about how to color it with some specific RGB values (according to the given value of some points) on the surface.

Could you give me more suggestions?

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you can check out other topics



Hi, @Draxl_Andreas.
It is a very instructive topic. And he assigned colors to these elements, like below:

Emmm, I’m still a little confused about how to color this surface with some specific points (XYZ) with values (maybe range from 1 to 10). :thinking:

@thomson ,

here where also some color issues … :wink:

play around