Placing Area Elements with Dynamo


I have been searching up and down through the forum, but the term “area” seems to be associated with so many topics, I cannot find what I am looking for, though I would be surprised if I am the first to ask this.

I am trying to convert Revit Rooms into an Area Plan.
I managed to get the Boundaries to work thanks to another post in this forum, but now I would like to place Revit Area elements at the same location as the Rooms.

I am struggling to find the right nodes to place the Areas.

Any pointers very much welcome.

The Steam package has a good selection of nodes for creating Areas.

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@Nick_Boyts, thanks. Found it.

There is no Family Type available for Areas, then you cannot create family instance for Areas with OOTB nodes.

If you use Python is an option, if you want packages you may find more funny to play with #Rhythm because you do not need to specify any view/level or inputs to create an area, just the same centre point of a room for example, but not sure if you will be happy with the boundaries created by default in the areas for your calculations.

@ruben.romero thanks. I admit, in the end I went with the Python node I found inside the Steam node. The Steam node on first try reported an “error” as it still used a deprecated “flatten” design script code. I therefore “unpacked” it and thought it a good idea to avoid bringing yet another custom package into a script intended for Dynamo Player.

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