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Hi everyone,

I want to automate the complete workflow for creating area plans from Dynamo.

With help from some of you, I was able to create the area plan views, and the area boundaries from within Dynamo. Now, I’m wondering if it is possible to create areas within those area boundaries I just managed to create. Any ideas?


Hi, could you please share what you found so far in order to make the issue fully understandable? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Yna, Sure, I’m posting some screenshots to further explain.

This is the complete definition.

First, I use the Rhynamo package to retrieve the curves from the conceptual design which were made in a Rhino model, this are arranged according to the Rhino layers. I proceed to transform them into a Dynamo PolyCurve.

Then, I join all of the PolyCurves into one list, in order to remap them to different lists according to the elevation of the Revit Levels.

Once organized on lists by levels, I used the AreaSeparator.FromCurve to create Area Boundaries according to these Dynamo PolyCurves in the specified Area Plan.

Now, what I would like to do is, create the Areas corresponding to these Area Boundaries I just created. I’m attaching a reference image of what I would to achieve with Dynamo (the areas on the image below I had to placed them manually).

Any ideas how I could accomplish this?


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You could use Steam Nodes package to create areas, but you will probably need to group your curves first into sublists…

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Excellent, I didn’t know that package. I didn’t have to regroup the curves as such, as I had them as PolyCurves, so I just connected those to the Area.CreateAtPoint node from SteamNodes, as well as the respecting Area Plan and that worked perfectly.


Hi All,

This node no longer works in Dynamo 2.3 and Revit 2020 - are any alternatives out there?

Hi Astrid,

Can you post it in new thread?

And upload a picture of your Dynamo work so far :slight_smile:

Hi, I made a new project and opened the script in Revit 2019 and Dynamo 2.0 and this node works fine there.