Adaptive Points Placement On A Surface - Not Working Properly

I am trying to place an adaptive component of a spacial rectangular frame.
I created the uv points along the surface and grouped them in array of four points composing of the rectangles and for some reason it is not being placed properly.
Creating the adaptive element I placed points on the four corners and offset them to a given height, connected them with reference lines and placed points at mid line, and then connected them. After that I created the circles and created the form.
Am I doing something wrong?

Plus, it comes out that the place adaptive components create a much smaller surface area than the surface itself…

Adaptive Component

Result In Revit

Adaptive Component Vs Surface Area

I am further playing around and creating the adaptive components again and again and I now got to this result which is better but still not final. As you can see, the main top bar in one direction isn’t place beside along the center axis (no idea why it works there) and there are some rectangles along the edges that are missing (besides two other rectangles on the second layer) and still the shape of the adaptive components is significantly smaller than the surface on which it is placed…
Attached is the dynamo file.

Create Surface.dyn (175.7 KB)