Placing a detail component on top of a Revit wall

Hi Guys,

Still quite new to Dinamo I started on a script which will automatically generate Fire rating lines in a floor plan.
I thought everything was working fine when i got the results shown in the floor plan (second picture).
The red en green lines were what I was looking for. The disappointment came when it stopped working without showing any errors except for the “null” results in the last node. The script on top is one using detail lines which is working fine (except for placing multiple lines on top of each other). The one which stopped working is at the bottom. Does anyone know what I did wrong on the last one?

I hope someone can help me out.

Can you upload as 2 separate images, cant see what nodes you are using.

Try right clicking on the DetailComponentByCurve node, “edit custom node” and then copy and paste its content in your script (connecting the correct inputs). This way when dynamo runs it should tell you if there are any problems (and where).
For the sake of troubleshooting I would also suggest trying to run only one DetailComponentByCurve (or its content) at a time, just to see if something changes.

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