Placeviews on existing sheets Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer

I have a problem on this node and i seem to cant find the solution. Im new to dynamo and I dont know how to troubleshoot

Im using revit 2020. this node is from SteamNodes

Hello @bj.escarilla and welcome…try write point instead of Point and save the node…

Hi sovitek. Thank you so much for this! Everything seems okay now. I have one last minor problem. Have you encountered this type of issue also? :smiley:

Looks like you’re following my tutorial. That is caused if you run the script and the viewport has been placed already, check the output of tool.placeviewonexistingsheets, it will probably say ‘View already placed’. You’ll need to place and set the viewport types all in one go.

Hi Gavin! Yes, I am. :smiley: Just started exploring the use of dynamo yesterday and your lectures are very helpful.

I see. will try this one. Thank you so much for the tip! :slight_smile:

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No worries, might be worth me explaining it in a bit more depth too so the warning makes sense.

By default, this node attempts to place views onto a sheet, which makes them into a viewport in the output of the node. Given in Revit you can only place most views once per project on a sheet, if it fails to place it, the node returns an error message instead (which is text).

The node in this case is being given that text message (string), so it can’t set a viewport type to that as it isn’t the viewport originally placed. I seem to recall I don’t explain this too well in the tutorial so sorry about that - I was quite new to Dynamo at the time compared to now.

You may find the ‘Crumple’ package helpful as well. I ended up remaking the view to sheet node eventually in my own package as this one has the error with inputs and I wanted to change how it behaves a bit (I made one which accepts one location for all viewports, and one which can do one point per viewpoint). The create viewport node from Rhythm is a bit better again, as it can do schedules/legends.

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Not sure…probably a passtrouth before you set the parameter could help…

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Thank you for this. Will surely explore this package. :smiley:

I tried checking out the tool.placeviewsonexistingsheets. It says that the view is placed, however, all of my listed sheets are empty. Is it probably because that the “point” code is not working since it is black and not in color?

Hi again, Sovitek. :smiley:
I really appreciate your help.
I tried this one and still have a null problem.