Placed Annotation in Family Editor doesn't show

Hi All,

Sorry I can’t post a screenshot till tmw, but I thought I’d run this issue by you all.

What I am attempting to do is place a symbol into a structural framing family.

Through, Family.InstanceByPoint the symbols show in dynamo as created but do not show in the ref level view on the family. I experience the same problem with using the equivalent #clockwork node Family/Point/View and Family. Point and level.

Has anyone else had experience in this kind of workflow?

Can’t say I’ve seen/heard of it.

Ok, found the problem.
The python for the node FamilyInstance.ByPointInView uses the Create.NewFamilyInstance method, which isn’t supported in the Family editior environment.


The supported method is FamilyCreate.NewFamilyInstance. So with a bit of a deconstruction of the #clockwork node, this now places an annotation symbol by point in the Family editor. Happy Days! :grinning: