Familys By Point and host, works to place in sheets?

Hola Amigos buenas. I have a small problem, I want to place a Family Type Generic Annotation, it works in the model but however it does nothing when I try to place it in a Sheet, the family I can place it manually on the sheet but not using dynamo, what i’m missing, can you help me please? many thanks in advance

Annotations are view specific, so you have to place them to a view, not a host or level. Host refers to a host geometry/element and while level will work for annotations, it will only place the element on the controlling view of the level selected.

Springs and Archilab both have nodes for placing view specific elements or you can use the API, but there are no core nodes for this for some reason.

Amigo @Nick_Boyts buenas. Hoo I understand :smiling_face_with_tear: will be very cool add this feauture to dynamo Revit, it would be really amazing be able to create not only tables and schedules but also custom diagrams and schemas (Anotate stuff) using directly the same information of the project will be a real improvement for documentation workflows, but is just my opinion is real Autodesk has his own reazons and restrictions to evoid potential source of bugs, thanks to much for the answer my friend!!

You can always accomplish these things through Python with the API. They are available, there just isn’t an out of the box node that does this right now.

Thanks for the tip broo, i will try to make something in Phyton!!