FamilyInstance.ByPoint not placing families

FamilyInstance.ByPoint is running successfully but does not show family in dynamo or Revit. When clicking on an instance the message “No good view could be found” pops up. Am I missing something? any suggestions on how to get the families placed or alternative nodes would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

What type of family is it that you are placing?

Im trying to place detailed items from a list that I filtered through, I have also attempted to use Clockworks “FamilyInstance.ByPointInView” which places 1 type but returns null when I try to place using the list

Detail items need to be placed using a different method. Search your library for ‘detail’ and some options from (I believe) Clockwork will show up.

When searching for detail, the one that turns up for Clockwork is “FamilyInstance.ByPointInView” this node however returns “null” when I attempt to run it

This may help: Place Detail Items by points

Thanks for the responses, changing the lacing worked great! However there seems to be Line based families within the list as well is there anyway to place those?