Can anyone share script for creating sheets and place views on them without including python. If can not so is there python node already available?. I'm trying to create and having issues which i m posting its screenshot

The height of the viewport you’re trying to place in larger then the height of the titleblock.

You could try use a larger titleblock and modify it afterwords to the desired titleblock.

I have tried this already man! How can we edit viewport instead of editing sheets?

Take a look at Julien Benoit’s Steamnodes. Under Tool, Tool, there are several nodes that deal with placing views on sheets and existing sheets. there is also a node I use to create empty sheet.

I break the Python out of the custom nodes due to our company worried about having custom nodes in our scripts. It has also helped me learn so much about Python programming with Revit. You can see the Steamnodes PlaceViewsOnExistingSheets Python node below. When I break them out I name them the way they were in the custom node for easier reference for myself.

Hope that helps. It was frustrating for me as well at first not getting the built in node to work correctly.

I had issue with this a couple weeks ago.

I tried using a scope box to crop the view, but found a timing issue. The scope box crop did not appear to execute before the view was placed.

I also tried a scale change on the view. Which made the view smaller before placement then lager after. This messed the placement up and the viewport title.

I ended up making a few graphs.

  1. create the views first, apply scope box and view templates.
  2. the created the sheets and place the views.

We messed around with this for months, it does not work well with tons of views. In the end we found the simplest solution was to create 20+ views by level in our template and put on 20+ sheets and then when we get new jobs half of the work is done.Just apply scope boxes and rename the title on sheets.

Now we just use this script to find and replace names FIND AND REPLACE ANYTHING.dyn (7.0 KB) and this one to duplicate/renameDUPLICATE SHEET WITH VIEWS -UI.dyn (105.2 KB)

There is also this…
Place Views on Sheets.xlsx (8.6 KB)

Can you please share the whole script. It would be highly appreciated.

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The purpose of this forum is not to do your work for you. From the error it sounds like your view is oriented in the wrong direction. Does your view fit within the title block when you manually place it?

Yes the view fits in the title block when i placed manually. And i know the purpose of the forum i just asked if anyone could share the script.

The problem is that Dynamo doesn’t think your view fits on the sheet. A different graph isn’t going to fix that issue. Try something like @gerstal82 mentioned to allow you to place the view first, then switch to the correct title block.