Insert Existing Views onto Existing sheets

Hello People,
First of all apologies, it’s been asked may times but i wanted to know what’s wrong in this script.
I have already prepared scripts for inserting views, sheets individually. But having a challenge in make inserting views onto sheets script working through. Throwing the error " views already placed on sheets" but nothing reflected in Revit. Fired up dynamo again but still no luck.
Thanks in advance.

Are you sure the existing view hasn’t been placed on another sheet prior to running the script in Revit?

A view is only allowed to be placed on one sheet at a time, so I assume the error is telling you its already been placed on a sheet.

You could check this by feeding the view into an element.ownerview

Upon checking none of the views are inserted onto sheets. Actually I’m adapting the workflow of inserting one sheet onto the drawing in order to get the view port location and replicate against the number of sheets to be inserted.

Bumping up to get help and attention to the community. TIA.

The error output of the last node suggests that the views you are trying to place are already placed somewhere.

Could you add a ‘view.isonsheet’ node here:

Also, I think that last node is expecting elements, not integers:

Hi MVE1112, thanks for your time.
Upon checking both views are not on the sheet.

However I have refactor the script eliminating the ID node and it worked like a charm.

I might have misread on how Tool. Place views on Existing sheets node in one of the other blogs assuming it will accept element. ID’s
Thank you.

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