Place unplaced Spaces


I have several spaces which have been deleted from the view, but are still in model and keep important parameters. Is it possible to put them back in specific points? I can place them manually and I am looking for the way to place them by using dynamo. They have no location and Element.SetLocation doesn’t work in that case.


For location, try if Spaces have boundingbox in dynamo. you can use that as reference for location.

Hey Chris,

Try calling it on unplaced spaces. I’m pretty sure calling the location will return null, when the space is unplaced :slight_smile:

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Ah f*ck, read it too fast :slight_smile:

Of course they have no location when they are not placed :smiley:

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Try making a script that places the space in a preset location, like 0,0,0, and then use SetLocation :).
The Point(0,0,0) could be created within Dynamo.

Yeah but it has Geometry. (I tried by deleting space)
So boundingbox could be applied but I’m skeptical how the sequence would be formed for it :thinking: