Place unplaced space (Accidently deleted) to original Room location

Hi there guys,

Does anyone know how to replace an unplaced space (which has been accidently deleted) back in same spot in corresponding room?
I can do the task manually by instead of placing new space select the space to use.
Unfortunately I have a project with over 4000 rooms and 1400 need fixing, this will take ages manually.
Is there any new nodes available?
I see there is a few nodes out there to place an unplaced room but not for spaces.

Any help would be appreciated


Hello @bwilkeA77N6 …Dont know there should be a better

way, but you can try this here…

Thanks for your suggestion. I will give it a try and let you know how i went. :slight_smile:

Element.SetLocation might help too.

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Yes Jacob, great idea, but have tried it doesnt work for me

Yeah seeing the same thing…

Apparently the method to place an unplaced room is to use a UV value and the plan topology which is not an easy task. Likely easier to make new rooms and copy over parameter values as noted above.

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