Place Note Placed Room

Hi all,
I would like to place the unplaced rooms in model. I got their location points from a backup rvt file. I filtered them through an excel file to collect all the unplaced rooms, but I cannot able to re-place them according their old position. Is there any way to solve my issue?

PlaceNotPlacedRoom.dyn (49.5 KB)

We can’t see your graph. You’ll need to zoom the correct amount so the node names are visible. Also useful to be able to see the drop-down previews on some nodes to help identify where the problems are.

I’m not sure how you’re handling this as I cant see the graph, but one thing to consider is the overall approach. Yes you’re trying to place unplaced rooms, but is it actually easier to instead get the names/numbers/parameters of your unplaced rooms, and create new rooms with the same info, then delete the unplaced rooms. Otherwise you’d be diving into custom Python using a method that I can’t find many examples of being used anywhere. NewRoom Method (Room, PlanCircuit)