Place pile caps as well as singular piles

Hi All,

Have been using a routine which Lawrence Hooker from Excitech published on his blog recently:

Have had great success with it modelling pile layouts from the contractors coordinates directly from Excel.I Have been looking at developing it further, hoping the Dynamo Forum may be able to give me some ideas.

Ideally I would like to also plot the pile caps as well as any singular piles. Is there a way in Dynamo if piles are a certain ratio apart to place either 2,3 or 4 number pile caps etc instead of just single piles?

Hi Leopold, can you send us a print of what are you are trying?

Hi Dantas,

I’ve not managed to develop it any further at this time. I have been looking at a special parametric pile cap for it along with looking at various if statements to generate the type of pile cap based on the pile ratio. Not sure if you had any suggestions.



Hi Leopold, I’m starting in Dynamo but I had an idea.
I’m an engineering student so sorry my mistakes.
Is it what you are loonking for?

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