Pile loads in Revit using Dynamo / excel

Longtime lurker, first time poster here :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to create a script that recognises pile (nested within pilecap family) marks, then matches them to an excel sheet with corresponding loads, for 5 different load cases. For some reason it doesn’t seem to recognise the new parameters I’ve added to hold these values - the script seems to work fine if I change the parameter to “Comment”, so I’m assuming there is either something wrong with the parameter itself or I’m missing something in the script.

For clarity, I’m currently using an Instance Project Parameter, I have tried a shared parameter but it produces the same results.

I’ve been messing about with Dynamo on/off for a few months, still trying to get my bearings. Any help would be appreciated.

What is the error you’re seeing?

is the “Gk (Dead)” parameter a text type ?
as opposed to a number, integer, length etc


“Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed.
The parameter’s storage type is not a string.”

Andrew, here’s a screenshot of the parameter:

Thanks for the response guys.

Why exactly are you sending in a string instead of a number?

so this means you are trying to send text to a force (numeric) parameter
(like a square peg in a round hole)

You need to either change your Dynamo graph to send a numeric value, or change the parameter to be a text type

I think I was looking at it for too long and couldn’t see the wood for the trees!

I changed the parameter and it now works!