Include Pile Family Parameters? Or Simply Measure?

We are developing a tool that extracts pile caps from a Revit model, and then inputs various pile cap parameters to a spreadsheet that solves the design of the pile cap for us, feeding back out the required reinforcement, etc.

We have a couple options for how to do this – everything has more than one solution. However, I’m curious as to whether one or the other is a much better idea for any reason (pros and cons).

Option 1: Add all parameters to the pile cap families (2-, 3-, and 4-pile cap families). These families are shared across a dozen offices in the country, but we have the scope to make that change. PArameters would include pile cap dims necessary for a strut and tie analysis, concrete strength, pile diameter, etc.

Option 2: Add some parameters (e.g. concrete strength) but use Dynamo to read the dims. The obvious Con I see to this is the additional front-end work to design a script to determine these dims. The script would have to be unique for each of the pile cap families.