Pile Numbering and Co-ords

I’ve hit a bit of a stumbling block trying to co-ordinate pile numbers and getting the co-ordinates to match.

I re-numbered the piles using a Spline and a dynamo script which has got all the piles numbered in a sequential order I’m ok with that part.

I have another Dynamo script that obtains all the piles and provides Eastings and Northings and the relevant cut off level. However the numbering is not representative of the re-numbered drawing done in Revit. Is there a way to co-ordinate them both?

Enclosed are the Dynamo scripts and a pdf drawing of the pile layoutPile-Auto-Number-with-Spline.dyn (14.4 KB)
Pile Co-Ordinates (Test).dyn (17.7 KB)
Pile Numbers.pdf (116.6 KB)

If you’re pulling the pile instances from Revit, Dynamo will order them by Id number. You’ll need to sort them by number first.

The pile Id numbers (the 6 digit numbers) are not consistent with the order of the pile numbering I need.

Is there a way to read the pile Mark reference assigned and couple those together? I can’t seem to find a dynamo node that can do this unless I’ve missed something.

An illustration would be useful :slight_smile:

You’ll probably want to use Group By Key to group the elements by their mark.

I’ve placed the Revit model in Dropbox as its too big to upload the piled foundations file. The Dynamo script I’ve been using is the one above in my 1st posting. I’m trying to find a way to output a pile schedule listing the eastings and northings along with the cut off levels. I have managed to obtain the Eastings, Northings and Cut Off Levels into Excel but I’m unable to pick up the relevant Pile mark numbering that’s been done on Revit. Dynamo has given each pile a unique ID number but I can’t find away to list them with the Pile mark number.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Screen shot|690x215

I think you’re looking for something like this.

You may have to sort and group the Eastings, Northings, and Cut Off Levels too, but this should get your information in the correct order.

I think I’ve found the Dynamo node I was looking for “Element.Parameters” which pulls in all the info including the pile mark that was referenced in Revit.

Hopefully I’ll have a dynamo script that I’m happy with.

Fingers crossed.

Thanks for your input

Are you having trouble getting the parameter value? You can use GetParameterValueByName to get the value of any element parameter.

Oh I must have missed that! That will save me a lot of time.

Cheers for that

I would recommend going through the Dynamo Primer and trying all the tutorials. They cover a lot of the necessary basics and should help you get up to speed pretty quickly.

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I have been making nice curvy sculptures whilst going through the Primer. I just wanted to experiment with a more tangible exercise that is more suited to my line of work i.e. Structural Engineering and developing some scripts to automate some tasks no one like doing manually like pile numbering and co-ords.

I shall be returning to the primer in due course.

[Edit] - here is the Dynamo script if anyone is interested if anyone can see a better way to do this just let me know.

Pile Co-Ordinates & Cut Off Levels.dyn (18.5 KB)

Hi Craig,

Does the Auto number piles with spline script work with nested piles as it just seems to crash when I run it

Hi Joseph

The dynamo script worked ok but I’ve not used it on the latest Revit release. I may have to investigate.

The thing with nested piles is to make sure the spline cuts through each pile. I would put a level in that cuts though all the piles and be under all the pile caps. I find it works better if there is a spline point just before the pile and just after too.



Hi @craig.orrell I’m just trying it now with an existing project in 2019 running Dynamo 1.3.4 and it doesn’t appear to be working but in a test project it is