Place multiple views on multiple sheets by coordinates

Hi sorry for the very similar topic title. Just trying to avoid clogging up the previously solved topic. Kudos to @Daniel_Woodcock1 for the python script.

Attached is a snap shot and extended graph attempting to place multiple views on multiple sheets. It was a question developed from this previous thread. Placing views on sheets by coordinates

Any help much appreciated thanks,

Modify Sheets, Views (Place Test).dyn (36.8 KB)


Hi @Kotey.Nikoi,

I have added some new functionality to the Node. It will now place multiple views on multiple sheets. I have also bundled in another node for the preview of the locations on sheet. Here is a quick demo in action…

The input for the sheets needs to be a single list of sheets (no nesting) and the inputs for views and locations must be a list of lists. For example:-



  • List0:

  • List1:


  • List0:

  • List1:

This will place 2 views on sheet1 and 3 views on sheet2.

The new Preview.ViewsOnSheets node will tile array any size sheet so you can see what your sheet layouts for multiple sheets with multiple views will look like. (I have just cycled my inputs for an example)

Here is the script. You can ignore the testing area to the left of the divider and use your own logic as long as it matches what i have outlined above.

PlaceViewsOnSheetByLocation.dyn (57.0 KB)

Let me know if you have any issues using this.



Hi Dan…
As always thanks for your time on answering our queries. Will test it and report back.



Hi @Daniel_Woodcock, I was able to get your previous python node to work with the help of the above and @4bimfercesp but this looks like an even better workflow.

I’ve just tested it and it works perfectly! (Now I need to be patient and get on with learning python) :sweat_smile:


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Good stuff @Kotey.Nikoi and thanks @4bimfercesp also. I thought I would just build in the functionality to make the node that bit more useful (I really should have done it to start with! :sweat_smile:)

Yeah, python is very useful if you want to extend some further functionality to Dynamo with the Revit API or do something in less steps than just using existing nodes. But, you can still get along without needing python in most cases - but I do recommend learning.


Hi everybody, thanks for the amazing job you’ve done.
I’m trying to make it work, but I’m getting “Can’t place view on sheet” and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

That means you want to place a view thats already on another sheet or assigned to a sheet. All views (name) must be unique. Find that view and duplicate with detailing. If does not work let us know…sorry just reviewed your graph. The above comments still valid but for your issue is that you need to flatten your list of views and location before you feed in python…if still doesnt work the reason would be that you placing schedule views. Its handled differently and the python code needs to include this which fortunately we have in another topic. Anyways see first what your issue after flattening your list.

I remember before you have this solved regarding schedule views…placed on sheets. I remember using it one time and it worked for me. Maybe you can add something like this to the python. Thanks

Thanks for replying so fast. I fed the python node as @Daniel_Woodcock1 explained above: “The input for the sheets needs to be a single list of sheets (no nesting) and the inputs for views and locations must be a list of lists”

I checked the views I’m selecting are not already in a sheet. I’ve also tried with a section view, not a schedule, and I’m still getting the same error. I must be doing something wrong :confused:

Yes…on your views not on location enable your list level to only use @L2 and on your location also @L2. Both of your list are too deep so upped it one level.

If I’m doing so I’m getting Null:

Ok where nearly there hover on the error (yellow) and tell me what it says
Or you can post your dyn here and i will adjust

I have started from the beggining using @Daniel_Woodcock1 script. I could succesfully place a views and legends but not schedules. In the preview node it is not getting the rectangular preview inside the sheet. Has anybody tried to place schedules on sheets?

Yes i have but not using the python code on this topic. If you look for the topic called legend placer the dyn graph is there but its an old topic. I can upgrade it to cover whats been added from the above python code. If you like you can create a new topic and reference the old topic and this one so we can reply to that. Maybe @Daniel_Woodcock1 can find a spare time to upgrade his code above to include schedules. If not as i said i can do it but it will be in the coming days…
You can try it yourself and put the two together and learn from it in the meantime. Enjoy.

Hi guys,

I’ll have a look at the issue tonight and should be able to fix. From reading it seems to be to do with schedules. I’ll have another play around and see if I can duplicate the errors you are getting and post back here.


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Hi @Pep_Mol/@4bimfercesp,

I have added functionality to the nodes to allow Schedule Instances. I have also updated the Preview Node to handle Schedules too. This pretty much supersedes the PlaceLegend node (mentioned earlier) as this does all that did and more.

PlaceViewsOnSheetByLocation.dyn (58.6 KB)

I tested on most cases but let me know if you run into any other issues.



@Daniel_Woodcock1 great job! I’ve just tested it and works great. Thanks a lot.

No problem @Pep_Mol. Glad to help!

Hi Everyone,
I’ve had the same problem : how to add a schedule to a sheet. And some one (@4bimfercesp) told me to look at this post. But, well, maybe I’m doing something wrong, I can’t add any views or schedule to any sheet. I’ve always have the same error and I can’t figure how to solve it :

Hi could you show us a screenshot of the lists you’re inputting into the node, to help us see what the issue is. There have been similar problems that have been solved in this post and they usually are around understanding that you need.

  1. A single (flattened) list of sheets
  2. A nested list of views
  3. A nested list of locations (points matching the number of views).

Let us know how you get on.emphasized text


Sure, here is the whole script (as a test ) :

My needs : To place a single schedule on a single sheet OR to place a list of schedule on a list of existing Sheets (one per sheets)

Thanks :slight_smile: