Place multiple family host to multiple floor

I am currently using the FamilyInstance.ByFace node to place host (multiple family) host faces on the bottom or above floors (multiple floors). I enter the coordinates from the processed cad into groups by name, then project it into the floor and the right type of family into it. After reaching the nodes near the end, an error cannot continue. Please see what I have encountered. Thanks.

File excel:!AuVgsJVnTb-Rguk-k7Ok4V3UzTkxfQ?e=SKl0UK
File dyn:!AuVgsJVnTb-RgulAZSksoIwpimppmg?e=kCgxhN
File revit:!AuVgsJVnTb-RgulBlN_TFqyj8WkkrQ?e=IBvLZ9