Place FamilyInstance with hosted family


I try to write a script where I can use the architect’s drawing to take over the points for my familys. Now I have familys that are hosted. How can I ensure that the host is caught? Now he is regularly placed on the floor because he sees this as a host.

I like to hear any response

family plaatsen op positie van aannemer.dyn (9.0 KB)

assuming the light fixtures from the architectural model are hosted by a ceiling- are you saying you want to also create ceiling hosted light fixtures ? i.e you would also need a ceiling in your model

In your graph (depending on the family) it looks like the light fixtures would be hosted by a particular level, not a floor

If i read your dynamo name graph correctly, you are trying to duplicate the position of families within the linked into their exact position on your graph.

For this i have had success using placing the families using points instead of hosting them.
this thread should help you if that is the case.