Place a Face Based family?

Is it possible to use Dynamo to place a Face Based family onto a face? I can place the family by coordinates, but once it is in the model it does not seem to have a host and I can’t rehost it to anything.

Any help would be much appreciated…

I have this same question. No replies so far. Can we assume that it is not possible?

<div>The latest version of spring nodes has a simple implementation called “FamilyInsance.ByFacePoints”. It will place multiple face based instances on a face but currently only works for a single face and a single family type. You’ll have to use list combination nodes to place multiple instances on multiple faces. Give it a try and tell me if it works for you.</div>



Dimitar, does it host to the face? I understood that wasn’t possicle with the API?

Why I can’t attach family on the surface?

Hi Gigi,

Its working fine from my side. Make sure your family type is face based family.


It seems that it’s only working for system families like floors, walls and ceilings. The built in Dynamo node is failing to get the correct face reference for family instances. I’ll see if I can resolve this over the weekend.