Place light family in model using their x,y,z coordinated using xl file

I try to place light family on x,y,z coordintes using xl file, output is came but not properly came on coordinates and visible like attached img please any one can help me

@nslFANDT ,

before you start you should take in mind your workflow… for a clash detection you want to find them later.

  • your elements should releated to level , at least to a ceiling level

  • they should contain, absolut or(and) relative coordinates

  • i would place 2 lamps manuel, make schedule with the relevant parameters - and make a .xml based on that



Actually i want to place ground light on airside pavment that why i need to place by coordinates only


i would recomend you to use .csv for your points

ok i will try

csv also not worked

@nslFANDT ,


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I tried this also but why family not placed in exact coordinates and position

@nslFANDT ,

Check out your family creation! Is the family correct modeled. (replane/intersection/origin)

yes family is correct
if i take some coordinates and run script in new project it is came properly but if i do same thing in existing project there is problem occurs and in existing project model our model is on share coordinates.
i dont know now how to solve these problem.

Below image showing in first revit model showing light coordinate which is came but that is not exact
second image showing correct coordinate i want in model but not getting in model
i want coordinates in model like i shows in second image highlighted in in blue

Please any one giving solution

First, Check Units of your project .
Second, Check if there is a value of project base point not ( 0,0,0 ) if you need to make transform excel points.

Our project unit is in meter only
In my model project base point having some coordinates which we are sets by acquire coordinates

So, you should transform excel coordinates to RVT file project base point.
Retrieve project base point ( x,y,z ) and then create a new list of points like : a.X-b.X , a.Y-b.Y , a.Z-b.Z

a : excel
b : RVT base point

will go through for that dynamo only?

yes add this part as nodes to your graph before placing your families.

ok will try

Amigo @nslFANDT Probably the FamilyInstance.ByCoordinates node will work for you, you specify directly x,y,z and the familyType, also I advise you to work with flat lists as much as possible, the use of levels is usually complicated.
I also agree with @ingenieroahmad and @Draxl_Andreas, when elements overlap it is usually because there is a dimension or unit conflict, I suggest you to double check your units but this time to:

  1. project units.
  2. Family units and dimensions.
  3. Units of your information file (7 digit numbers I think there is a difference of 1/1000 like the relation between meters and millimeters).
    I hope this info works for you!!

Thank you for this
But i dont want unit conversion i want exact coordinates in my revit model in above image i already shows
In new project coordinates getting properly
but i want same thing in my already drafted model issue is came there only. dont know why?