Place generic models adaptive by excel coordinates and family type

Hello there!
I’m new on making dynamo scripts so i’m learning from here and from several things around the websites.

I need to place a generic model adaptive in specific locations according to x, y, z coordinates coming from an excel file. This first part works.

I want to make it more stronger and specifically place generic model by type (there are 3 different types) according always to excel file (column 8).

Can anybody help me telling what are my mistakes?

Thanks a lot!

And the excel file:


You feed type name input with integer ???

I guess not. What should be the “filter” between the two of them?


Have alook on the above shot for the proper data type to be used.

Thank you @ingenieroahmad , this is clear. What im asking now is that i lost the connection with the 8th column of the excel file. Am I wrong?

May be you to read the column as string?

@jwroelofs yes, to place the family at the x,y,z, locations and changing the different family type by the excel column