Place Adaptive Families on Curve


I am trying to place adaptive families based on Extracted coordinates from Civil 3D.
But the families are not placing correctly…please some one can guide.

Your Script is not clear. please post another pic

Anyone can help on this issue??

@hardik.gohel8 please expand the error messages. What does the error says @Point.ByCoordinates?

@Kulkul Please find below error showing.

@hardik.gohel8 looks like you have null values coming out from Excel. Use “List.Clean” with preserve indices set to “false” before connecting to Point.ByCoordinates and also make sure all the inputs lists match.


I am new in Dynamo and starting to understand things.
So very thankful if you can able to explain.

xyz-coords-v20_.dyn (513.5 KB)

@hardik.gohel8 Drop here excel file also.

Please find below… I checked null values…

Book1.xlsx (78.0 KB)

@hardik.gohel8 Your lists contains many null values. So that’s the reason you where getting those errors. You can clean null values using “List.Clean” node. See below you can continue your graph after this.

@Kulkul… Thanks for Help…I removed null values but showing this error for Adaptive component.