Place Family from Excel (XYZ) and set text value


I made this node which places a Families on specific XY(Z) coordinates (measured IRL).
These coordinates are taken from an Excel.
So every Family got an XY(Z) coordinate, but also a number (text value).
Placing the Families works great, but i also need to fill in a unique number for each Family (from same Excel).
I have no idea how to approach this last step. Hopefully someone cna help me with this.

COORD_EXCEL.xlsx (8.5 KB)
COORD_TEST_V3.dyn (47.2 KB)

PS I am still fairly new to Dynamo but i already made a few working graphs (by trail and error)
as i am learning on the job.

You were trying to set values to the Types not the instances

When i do it like this it does not work.

can you show the excel file?

It is in my opening post :grinning:

looks ok to me,
you can place a count node to check the amount of values you put in.
or show the previews


I picked the wrong node…

It had to be Element.SetParameterByName instead of Element.SetParameterValuesByNames

Thanks for your help @m.rijsmus