Place Family by Points (from Excel)

I am trying to place a family to several points, which are listed from Excel.
Family Type is Spring.Collected from model.
Do I need to convert the list of points (output – item)–>to list with geometry output? Is there a way to do this?
Also, Family Type from Spring Collector Filter has ID #, and it is placed only once, when I am trying with nodes "for testing”

Thank you!

Please see below:

Hi @Vera.Anichina

What happens when you run did it placed all of them? Could you show watch node @ “FamilyInstance.ByPoint”

Hi @Kulkul
When I run, it doesn’t place anything. Comes out with Warning.
And only one item placed when I use List of points with geometry output

I might be totally wrong, but doesnt this look like this post?

…with an updated solution :slight_smile:

It looks like your Family Type input is a list of a list. You might have to flatten it or try setting your lacing to Longest.

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