Place familyinstance by list with different family types

HI there, iam new to dynamo and trying to create several models automatically. I want to place multiple families on different points in the model. I’ve managed to create a list with different family types I want to place and i created a list on which points I want to insert these.

When I use the Familiyinstance.By Point Node It works, but It doesnt change the familytype, see attached file. It only reads the first families type and applies that for all the points. I want it to apply the point corresponding the coordinate list.

In the attached file I want familie -7.20 to be placed on point 38 en family -6.00 on point 39 ect.

Anyone who can help me?


Flatting your list for Point.ByCoordinates or change the List Level for the points input to Level 1 and see if that resolves the issue. :slight_smile: