Place elevations next to each other on sheets?

Maybe I’m asking Dynamo/Python too much, but it’s worth a shot to ask to you guys… :slight_smile:

I was creating a definition to create an “unwrapped” elevations set from a selection / room boundaries (and it’s ok, I already read some post about the problem in here…)

Under an user’s suggestion, I thought it could be useful to get these elevations on sheet next to each other… Here is a “sketch” of what he had in mind…

As you can see, the views in lower part of the image are been placed on a sheet and aligned in order to be exactly coincident…

Now, there’s a way of doing that with Dynamo? Just give me an hint, I know you can actually tell to place a view on a sheet with some coordinates, but how to match them in order to follow the crop boundaries of each view?

Thanks, i know this is gonna be a HUGE mind exercise, so apologies !