Place Views on Sheet in one row

Hello Dynamo friends!
Again I´m struggling with a problem i can´t solve on myselfe.

I want to place Views on a sheet aligned in one row.

I end up with the following result:

To investigate the problem i tried to move all the views to the exact same point:

What gives me the following result:


So the problem must be the views themselfes respectively the reference which is used to place them on the sheet.
Would be really happy about any advice, by the Way it is working perfect in other projects!

StützenUDI2.dyn (252.5 KB)

Is it possible the cropping of the views is happening parallel to the placement on sheets? I.e. their centre point coordinate is based on the view before it is cropped. Try pop a couple of waitfor/passthroughs in appropriate places before placing on sheets and see if it helps in any way.

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Saved my day Hamish! :grinning:

Yes i set the cropbox before placing the views.

Now hundrets of views are aligne perfectly! Thank you!